Dear Guests,

Following the French government's announcements regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, we are sorry to inform you that Le Negresco Hotel will be closed temporarily until further notice.

Our mission as a hotelier has always been to make you dream, to feast on exquisite flavors – quite simply to create unforgettable memories with you to enrich your scrapbook of happy times. And, yes, we will taste happiness again, when we re-open our doors on a cloudless horizon. We'll be there to show you how, without you, a hotel loses its soul and its raison d'être.

As you can well imagine, we’re sad but confident, determined and ready to rewrite the next chapter as quickly as possible in a story that began in Nice over 100 years ago. What matters most for us in our relationship with you is to pamper you, enthral you and serve you – all the while remaining true to the values we hold dear: a sense of hospitality, conviviality, a warm welcome, generosity and excellence.

We are very hopeful that we will be open again at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime, please do take good care of yourselves.

The management and all the staff at Le Negresco.